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Get ready to spin to the beat on our Rodeo the world’s best flat ride! This adventurous HUSS® Original is easy to install anywhere with its modular design. No special foundations are required, minimizing impact. With a central rotating hub and three counter-rotating arms, riders experience an exhilarating “cycloid trajectory.” Gondola rotations add even more excitement with sudden accelerations, unpredictable spins, and non-stop fun. Countless free ride patterns and customizable theming, lighting, cycles, and special effects ensure endless variation and personalized thrills. Let your riders dance to the tunes you play!
Available for sale Now at GT Amusement


Capacity: 24 Person

Required Area: 16 x 16 Meters

Manufacturer: Huss

Height: 6 Meters

Power (KW): 75

Ride Model: Park Model

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